Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone enter the facility or do you have controlled gate access?

No, Tenants are only allowed to enter the facility.

Can I bring my pet to the facility?

 Pets are NOT allowed. This is for their protection as well as other tenants.

Do I need a lock when I rent a unit?

Yes!  We recommend a Disc Style lock.  OR   you can purchase one from the office. 

Do you accept credit cards?

Visa & Mastercard.

Do I need storage protection or insurance for my belongings in storage?

Yes!    We encourage you to bring a copy of your current Homeowners Policy Deck Page (If it has off-site storage of your personal items) when your ready to rent a unit.     

If you don't have that coverage,     No Problem!

Check out the Tenant Protection Plans offered and choose the protection you need.

Do you have space for Trailers, Boats and RV’s?

Not at this time.

Items that are NOT Allowed to be stored.